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Brief introduction of Uyghur Muqam

Uyghur Region has been known for its vibrant music and ethnic dances since very anciant times. The Twelve Muqams, known as the mother of Music, embodies as a concentranted reflection of the wisdom and talent of the Uyghur People in Music creation.Twelve Muqams includes 170 songs and dances tuness an addtional 72 instrumental pieces. The entire work takes over 24 hours to perfom from begining to end.

The Uyghur Muqam is considered to be the world's most complex and beautiful musical form, combining in suite form sung poetry, popular tales of famous lovers, and compelling dance rhythms. Listening to the Muqam can be an act of religious meditation, but listeners can also get up and dance to the rhythms of the drums.

Uyghur Muqam
Uyghur Muqam
The use of and Irano- Arabic classification does not imply that the Muqam titles (such as Carigah Sigah, Nava) have been given to the same modal contents as Middle East traditions or in ancient treatises. Moreover the term Muqam, originally designating category, applies more in the Uyghur sense to a Suite of Composition, even further to an overall title given to Classical Music That is why I written Muqam with a capital letter). Finally even if there is modal coherency between different pieces in each suite, in many cases, modulation occurs unfolds which completely obscure the initial mode, so that it is impossible to identify certain section of a Muqam from their one modal scale

two determining factors

For the Uyghur, the terms Muqam implies two determining factors
-----A Muqam must have a Muqam Heading (introduction in a free rhythm) without which cannot be considered a Muqam.
-----the introduction must be followed by a suite of pieces whose structure correspond to the certain modal and rhythmical requirements.
So few constraints imply that the term Muqam as a form could be a set of songs proceeded by the heading
Several tradition of Muqam exits in Uyghur Region. Formal analysis of these regional variants has led us to the following section classification:
Uyghur Muqam Classifications
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Structure and Forms of Twelve Muqam
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The Place of Muqam in Uyghur Culture
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The Contex of the Muqam of the Dolan
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Translation of a Dolan Muqam- Bom Bayawan
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The Songs of Uyghur Muqam
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Technical Aspects Uyghur Muqam
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Dastan of Rak
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Bas Muqam of Oshaq
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Cong Negme of Cebbiyat
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First Dastan and Merghul of Mushwerek
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